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Again – why privly?

July 29, 2012

Someone stumbled onto my website here and poked around and afterwards emailed -me saying “I was having a difficult time (on your site) trying to figure out exactly what does or is used for”

Uggh. “What we have here is failure to communicate.”  Except in this case, I can’t blame Kris.  It’s defiinitely on my side.  How do you explain Privly quickly.  Here’s what I tried.  Tell me if you think this is clear and direct:

Google uses the content of your emails and chats to figure out what ads to serve on your browser.  Kind of creepy don’t you think?  Privly lets you encrypt your text locally (in your browser), posts only a link to the encrypted message on Google’s page so they can’t see anything.  All it takes is a right click after you type your message and select “Post Private Content to Privly”.  When your buddy gets the email or chat – their browser sees the Privly link and knows to decrypt it locally – automatically displaying the text (no work required).

Here’s the really cool part.  Because the work is done in the web browser – the same process works not just for Gmail and gchat, but for twitter, for Facebook, for google+, for tumblr and more.  Heck, you could even use it on pretty much any normal web site that takes text input can be Privly’d. 

I’ll keep working on it – your suggestions are appreciated.


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