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Privly Project Status

July 19, 2012

There’ve been some internal efforts, but to the outside world, it might not seem like a lot is happening.  But under the surface, lots is going on.  Here are some highlights:

1. In addition to the original site, there is a new site up –  The new site is targeted more for the general public / users, while will move to more of a content server and developer platform.

2. Project coding has made some great progress.  Firefox, Chrome and Opera all have initial support – enough to get a sense of how it works, and Firefox and Opera are making progress towards having all the features for version zero – “Caged Owl”.  We are still too early to have any official release dates (this is all pre-alpha work) but code exists and testing is possible.

3. Privly pre-alpha testing is possible and in progress.  We have one person in Czekoslovakia who is testing it for usability by the vision impaired.  I’ve started building some test matrices, test cases and doing a bit of testing too.

4. Organizations – Both a non-profit and for-profit corporation are being set up now and should be ready soon.

5. Communications – Google Groups are in place for announce, dev and test lists.  Also, weekly developer /organizer meetings are happening.  These are Thursday at 5pm Pacific on IRC.


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