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Getting involved

April 28, 2012

After playing around with Privly for a day, I decided this had the potential to be really cool technology, so I offered to help.

I haven’t done hard core programming on some time – and saw no reason to start now. Instead I figured I’d be very good at testing and documentation and things.

Perhaps this would also give me a chance to blog about my experiences too. I’d been planning to do a public blog for sometime. This could be perfect.

I traded some messages with Sean McGregor the lead developer but didn’t know what to do to help, so I started by trying to learn more about the project details.

I never worked on an open source project before, and the only experience I had with anything close was downloading software from sourceforge.  The project code was to be managed in github which not only I wasn’t familiar with, but I’d never even heard of it. I spent some time on the githib site learning about it and came away impressed.  The ability to have programmers take a copy of the code, change their portion and have it merged back in with everyone else’s changes was amazing. I know in practice it is tougher, but still very neat.

Githib is also being used to track issues. Reading through the list, I saw the item about moving the public face communications away from which would be focused primarily as a content server. The new site would need to have the public web pages, maybe a blog etc.

Now I’m getting excited.  I’ve been looking to do more blogging so this could be perfect!  I volunteer to assist with this.  While I’m no WordPress guru I have been learning it for a bit and am getting better with it, so I can do this.

Bad news for me, the platform Sean has chosen is Drupal.  Now I’m back to square one, starting from nothing. Oh well, it’s a good opportunity for me to learn this platform too.

Sean and another team member Jennifer Davidson got me access to the Drupal environment at (a saas implantation of Drupal) and now I’m good to go.  Well at least good to get started.


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