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Julie is with Sarah at the middle school play, so I got to have movie night with all the other kids. 

It was painful picking out a movie for all to agree on, but we got it done – Kung Fu Panda.  It was silly, but fun.  

Kids were well behaved through it and even did well with going up and getting ready for bed quickly afterwards. 

Eleanor needed to be carried up, Alanna needed me to brush teeth with her.  But they got ready quickly and mostly on their own.  Zyair needed a couple reminders to get ready, but he did his things and even remembered on his own to go check them off his list. Davion did litter and got ready with no reminding. 

I’m very proud of their job tonight.  Julie’s done great work teaching them their stuff. 

Filed taxes

Files taxes today.  Glad to have it done.  Cranky about the amount we owe – total amount and amount owed above what they already took. 

Marriage penalty sucks ūüė¶

Again – why privly?

Someone stumbled onto my website here and poked around and afterwards emailed -me saying “I was having a difficult time (on your site) trying to figure out exactly what does or is used for”

Uggh. “What we have here is¬†failure to communicate.”¬† Except in this case, I can’t blame Kris.¬† It’s defiinitely on my side.¬† How do you explain Privly quickly.¬† Here’s what I tried.¬† Tell me if you think this is clear and direct:

Google uses the content of your emails and chats to figure out what ads to serve on your browser.¬† Kind of creepy don’t you think?¬† Privly lets you encrypt your text locally (in your browser), posts only a link to the encrypted message on Google’s page so they can’t see anything.¬† All it takes is a right click after you type your message and select “Post Private Content to Privly”.¬† When your buddy gets the email or chat – their browser sees the Privly link and knows to decrypt it locally – automatically displaying the text (no work required).

Here’s the really cool part.¬† Because the work is done in the web browser – the same process works not just for Gmail and gchat, but for twitter, for Facebook, for google+, for tumblr and more.¬† Heck, you could even use it on pretty much any normal web site that takes text input can be Privly’d.¬†

I’ll keep working on it – your suggestions are appreciated.

How do you test a browser add on for 5 browsers on 4 OSs against all the web sites in the Internet?

I’m working on a test program for Privly and the fun part right now is trying to figure out how we test all these different possibilities.¬† Like the old story about how do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time, that’s the approach here.

The good news is that I have started testing – simple cases (and documenting them too).¬† I’m working Firefox on Win7 against Facebook.¬† The bad news is there is lots and lots to test.¬† So far things look good.¬† I need to spend more time on it, but there’s always too much to do.

Official T-Shirt arrived

Hurrah, My Privly T-shirt showed up today.¬† It’s kinda geeky and I don’t think most folks will look at it and instantly want to use Privly, but it might be a conversation starter – Thanks Sean!!!¬†¬†

Jen¬†mentioned on Kickstarter that Sean would be sending them out, but it’s awesome to actually get it.


Privly Project Status

There’ve been some internal efforts, but to the outside world, it might not seem like a lot is happening.¬† But under the surface, lots is going on.¬† Here are some highlights:

1. In addition to the original site, there is a new site up Р  The new site is targeted more for the general public / users, while will move to more of a content server and developer platform.

2. Project coding has made some great progress.¬† Firefox, Chrome and Opera all have initial support – enough to get a sense of how it works, and Firefox and Opera are making progress towards having all the features for version¬†zero – “Caged Owl”.¬† We are still too early to have any official release dates (this is all pre-alpha work) but code exists and testing is possible.

3. Privly pre-alpha testing is possible and in progress.¬† We have one person in Czekoslovakia who is testing it for usability by the¬†vision impaired.¬† I’ve started building some test matrices, test cases and doing a bit of testing too.

4. Organizations – Both a non-profit and for-profit corporation are being set up now and should be ready soon.

5. Communications РGoogle Groups are in place for announce, dev and test lists.  Also, weekly developer /organizer meetings are happening.  These are Thursday at 5pm Pacific on IRC.

Where do you encrypt and why it matters

A couple quick thoughts on this.¬† First, the current Privly direction is to encrypt in the end user’s browser.

That has a big advantage that the user doesn’t have to trust anyone (other than that the code is clean) and that their machine hasn’t been compromised and they can be confident that their encrypted data is safe.¬† Well, it also depends on the recipients protecting the data too.

There are however some major disadvantages.¬† Writing that code for a number of different browsers running in different operating systems with different configurations for both browser and operating system and then maintaining it through newer versions of each, and all the combinations, not to mention the potential security restrictions that may be enforced by an IT department on their users’ machines.¬† One possible option to all this is to do the encryption on the back end – and then the java script to communicate (https) securely to the back end server is much easier and more standard than writing the encryption approach – again.

Any approach like this however, would also make the server location and (legal location of the corporation running the business) very important too.  Perhaps a country like Sweden might have better pro-privacy laws than the United States.  definitely something to consider.


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